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The Bacon Wilson law firm represents individuals and businesses in an array of legal healthcare issues such as:

MassHealth & Medicaid planning

Many people shudder to think about the impact of financing nursing home care with the financial resources that they spend a lifetime building. Long-term care in a nursing home setting is very expensive, with a typical cost of $12,000 per month or more. Many Americans believe that the federal government or Medicare will pay for their long-term care. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are various means of financing long-term care, and often it is possible to do so while also protecting a portion of assets. In Massachusetts, long-term care is provided under the MassHealth system. In Connecticut, long-term care is provided by the Department of Social Services, or DSS. For both states, the application and qualification process is highly regulated, nuanced, and subject to continuous change. Whether you are a resident of Massachusetts or Connecticut, our legal team can help you plan for the future and protect your assets. 

Medical malpractice

When medical treatment mistakes are made that cause serious harm to you or a family member, we can help you obtain restitution for your pain and suffering.