Special Education What Every Parent Should Know About Their Child’s IEP

March 1, 2011

At this time of year, some parents find themselves thinking about the impending review of their child’s Individualized Education Program (the IEP) and what battles lay ahead. Others are wondering when they will receive the draft document and what the contents will be. For those parents who are knowledgeable about the process, the draft IEP may not contain many surprises. For those parents who are less knowledgeable about their child’s right to a Free And Public Education, (known as a FAPE,) are fairly new to the process, or even know exactly what that means, this can be a time of frustration.

During this period, and until the IEP is accepted in totality, one of the most important points to remember is that parents and educators share the same goal; to maximize your child’s learning potential. The jousting comes in, however, because parents want to be proactive, while the schools don’t have the resources to be that way and deal with current issues instead of future ones. Schools will propose the least restrictive alternatives, i.e., shared aids instead of individual aids, 2-hours of speech instead of 3, or other strategies to get your child to the level they should be at.

Finding a common ground can be difficult, ...

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by: Melissa R. Gillis

Healthcare News
March 2011

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