The Special Needs Trust - This Legal Planning Tool Can Help Protect the Financial Future For a Disabled Child

January 26, 2005

Planning for your disabled child’s financial future will protect his or her financial security and eliminate the emotional strain placed on family members left with the responsibility to care for this child upon your death. One of the most important concerns parents of a disabled child have is the uncertainty of the future and the realization that they will not always be around to protect their child. Special Needs Trusts are among the most effective legal planning tools available to provide you with a means to address these issues and offer assurance that your child will be taken care of when you are deceased.

Protecting Federal and State Benefits for Your Disabled Child

A Special Needs Trust is intended to permit Supplemental Security Income (SSI) participants and Medicaid recipients to receive some additional services or goods. A Special Needs Trust allows a disabled child access to funds that extend beyond...

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by: Brett A. Kaufman, Esq.

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