What to Pay First - How to Prioritize Your Payments When Finances Are Tight

June 8, 2009

Consumer clients often come to bankruptcy lawyers when they have been battling for weeks or months, trying to determine which bills to pay and which can be delayed or avoided in the face of financial hardship and distress. Otherwise responsible consumers, from the lowest income levels to the highest, are in a panic. Between housing, car payments, utilities, food, clothing, childcare, car maintenance, and consumer debts, such as personal loans and credit card bills, there simply is not enough money to fulfill every financial obligation.

In truth, many or most of us are just a few paychecks away from defaulting on all or some of our debts. Disconcertingly, in this economy many of our financial situations are quickly devolving from apparent fiscal health to a question of, "How do I pay all of my bills?" to "Which bills can I ignore completely?" ...

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by: Greta LaMountain, Esq.

June 8, 2009

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