Your Child's Education - Navigating and Advocating for Families with Special-needs Children

December 22, 2008

It is difficult enough for parents and family to ensure their child is receiving an appropriate education in today's education model without the added difficulty of navigating the often-barely chartered waters of special education.

Parents of 'mainstream' children must advocate and stay involved in the day-to-day schooling activities in order to obtain the best education available to their children. This can be daunting without the emotional stress of dealing with the challenges of our children, a system filled with acronyms, and a process and procedure that can be confusing on a good day.

Navigating the waters of special education can be made easier by a basic understanding of the rights, rules, and regulations that govern the school districts when deciding if a student is eligible for special education and, if so, what services that student will receive. School districts are subject to state and federal laws that provide detailed procedures to ensure that a student receives a FAPE (free appropriate public education) during the entire time he or she is eligible for special education.

Because special education is such a highly complex and regulated area of the law, it is in the parents' best interest to seek assistance to understand the special-education process. The more informed and well-advised the parent, the more they can make of the opportunity to be a part of the design and development of their child's educational experience...

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by: Julie A. Dialessi-Lafley, Esq.

December 22, 2008

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