Gina Barry - Estate Planning Specialist Blends Law with a Passion for Animals

October 20, 2005

Gina M. Barry, Esquire

Gina M. Barry says she's always had compassion for the underdog ... and for the dog, as well. And the cat, the bird, the fish in her 75-gallon aquarium, and for all horses everywhere. The estate planning specialist and associate at the Springfield firm Bacon &Wilson told BusinessWest that she has a deep love of animals and always wanted to somehow make this passion part of her law practice. She has, through the cultivation of a rather unique niche - estate planning for animals. As she explained, this is obviously a new, emerging specialty focused on helping animal enthusiasts - from the woman with two cats to the professional llama breeder - put in place provisions to ensure that their animals are properly cared for should anything happen to their owners. "It's actually estate planning for people with pets - that's a better way to phrase it," said Barry, adding that she has been asked to speak on the subject before a number of groups and has seen her client list in this realm grow, with great promise for the future. "The statistics on people and animals are incredible; people are really intrigued by this."

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by: George O'Brien

October 3, 2005

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