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Aging in Place—Advice for Elders & Caregivers

November 2016

Many elders live inde-pendently and fiercely guard their independ-ence. When additional care becomes neces-sary to keep them healthy and safe, they prefer to stay in their home instead of moving to a retirement community, assisted living facility or even a nurs-ing home. Staying at home often means being at a distance from the primary caregiver. Although staying at home creates many hazards, steps can be taken by the elder and the caregiver to avoid the many con-cerns that surround aging in place.

Caregivers, and especially long dis-tance caregivers, should seriously consider hiring a geriatric care man-ager, who is a health care profes-sional with training in gerontology, social work and nursing. Usually, the geriatric care manager will conduct an assessment of the elder and de-velop an individualized care plan.

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by: Gina M. Barry

November 2016

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