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Employers, Take Notice: Changes in Federal and State Laws, Regulations Bear Watching

September 21, 2010

Issues in employment law continue to evolve in the year 2010. Both Massachusetts and Federal law continue to evolve, making it difficult for employers to keep pace with new laws and new regulations. Employers in Massachusetts must comply with both Federal and state laws with respect to their employees. Therefore, it is important for employers to keep watch over new federal and state regulations and case law.

Federal Regulations Update

Child Labor Regulations

Effective, July 19, 2010, the Federal Department of Labor will issue final regulations concerning child labor. This is the most extensive revision to child labor law in the past 30 years. The regulations significantly change the scope of permissible employment for 14 and 15-year-olds, mandating that these youths will no longer be limited to jobs in retail food service and gasoline establishments, but also will be permitted to accept employment in industries such as advertising, banking, cargo services, and information technology.

These youths will be permitted to enter freezers to retrieve items, load and unload certain light hand tools, and be permitted to work inside and outside places of business that use power driven machinery to process products. In addition, …

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by: Kevin V. Maltby

August 16, 2010

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