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New Family Plan? New Estate Plan.


The amount of planning that is necessary when starting a new family or planning for another addition to a household is overwhelming. Once people have a new baby, they seem to forget to plan for the baby’s future or their own.

Your family is your greatest asset and should be protected with an appropriate estate plan. Meeting with an estate planning and elder law attorney before a problem arises ensures that your family is protected and avoids problems and added expenses later. Every person who is eighteen years of age or older should have an estate plan.

Everyone needs a Will, health care proxy, durable power of attorney, and if you own real estate, a declaration of homestead to protect them.

Last Will and Testament

Not only does the Will determine the distribution of your assets subject to probate, it should also be used to appoint guardians of your minor children in the event of your death. Often Wills focus on “money” and not on appointing a guardian. Lawyers try to impress upon families the importance of protecting their children’s interests.

The assets that do not…

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by: Julie A. Dialessi-Lafley, Esq.

Healthcare Ledger
July 2007

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