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Oh Dear, College is Here! – How can I get my Ex to Help Pay?

August 27, 2012

If you divorced your ex-spouse when your kids were young, it is possible that you did not consider the funding of your children’s college education in your support order. Now that they are on the brink of college, you may be looking ahead to that considerable financial hurdle and wondering how you will be able to pay for it, and how to ask your ex-spouse to contribute their fair share. You may also be wondering how college will affect existing child support payments.

Separation agreements and divorce judgments often don’t make a specific provision for how children’s college education will be funded, what percentage of the total cost each parent will pay, and what happens to weekly child support payments as a result, which is entirely distinguishable from college contributions.

Instead, what is most commonly seen is “blanket language.” That’s the language in an agreement or order that says child support is to be paid until a child is deemed emancipated, and once each child reaches the age of college, both parents will attempt to discuss with each other how college will be paid. They also agree to discuss which college each child will attend, given their aptitudes and desires. Parents also have an understanding that they must exchange financial information and cooperate with their child’s financial aid office. Unfortunately, such blanket language often leaves parents void of an understanding as to what the nexus should be between their weekly child support order and each parents’ college contribution percentage.

Reaching that perfect balance between a weekly support order and college contribution can be tricky at best. …

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by: Melissa R. Gillis

August 27, 2012

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