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Some Advice – on the House – Deadly Sins of a Home Improvement Project

April 19, 2006


For most people, their home is their most prized possession. This is often true from both a financial standpoint, as well as a sentimental one. Both aspects of your attachment are key factors to consider when planning to undertake a major home improvement, and there are things you can do to help assure your project satisfaction.

  1. Know your contractor.When undertaking a major home improvement, you are placing an amazing amount of trust in your contractor. In a time when you can get medical advice; purchase real estate; and even obtain a college degree online, it can be tempting to surf the net to find a contractor. If possible, this should be avoided.

    The best, and most honest contractor advertising is previous costumers. Ask your friends, family and neighbors who they used. Check out the contractor’s work, and speak directly to the other homeowners. If you are unable to get a recommendation, and you speak to contractors found online or in the yellow pages, ask for references of jobs they have completed. If the contractor has performed well in the past, those homeowners will often be pleased to show off their own projects.

  2. Check the records.Every home improvement contractor must be registered with the Commonwealth…

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by: Adam J. Basch, Esq.

April 3, 2006

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