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Ten reasons to hire a lawyer for domestic-relations proceedings

April 27, 2009

You don’t know the law. Pro-se litigants frequently encounter road blocks that can cost not only time and money, but missed deadlines and case dismissals.

  1. Limited Assistance Representation. The Court has instituted a cost-effective program whereby a lawyer can represent a party in just one aspect of their case such as a court hearing or preparing a memorandum.
  2. Child Support Guidelines. The way child support is calculated in Massachusetts has changed dramatically. Calculations are highly complex and there are now many built in deviation arguments.
  3. Dealing with other attorneys can be difficult. Pro-se litigants are at a severe disadvantage. A lawyer has the knowledge and experience to manipulate facts and law to their client’s benefit.

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by: Melissa R. Gillis

April 27, 2009

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