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Ad Infinitum – Law Firms Seek Effective Formulas for Getting Their Messages Across

October 15, 2006

Mike Katz speaks about bike helmet safety in his public service TV commercial.

Mike Katz is one of the region’s leading bankruptcy attorneys, and he also handles corporate work and some health care matters. But in one of Bacon & Wilson’s recent television advertisements, he was focused on … bicycle safety.

There he is, with his bike, helmet in hand, revealing statistics and offering some advice. “Did you know that about 700 people die annually from bicycle injuries, and 85% of those were from blows to the head?” he starts. “Wear a helmet, and make sure your kids wear one, too.”

The 15-second public service announcement is one of six that the firm has aired on the three local channels over the past several months, and another seven are planned. Other topics include grill safety, pool safety, and the need to support the American Red Cross.

These “soft messages,” as Ken Albano, chair of the firm’s marketing committee, described them, are intended to give the company some exposure, but in a way that wouldn’t offend clients, the public at large, and even some of the lawyers in the firm.

“This is not, ‘if you’ve been injured in an accident, come see me …'” Albano told BusinessWest, adding that the preponderance of such ads on television has left many constituencies with a bad taste in their mouths.

Indeed, when Bacon & Wilson ran an earlier set of spots promoting several of its practice areas, some clients reacted negatively, he recalled, “and said they were surprised we would do something like that.”

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by: George O’Brien

October 6, 2006

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