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Bits and Hits – Estate-planning Blog Success Shows That Where’s a Will, There’s a Way Forward

September 24, 2008

Hyman G. Darling, Esq. admits to being somewhat skeptical when he was first presented with the idea. He didn’t know much about blogging, and what he did know had him rather concerned about just how big an investment in time he would need to make — and also about whether he’d see a real return on that investment.

And there was a different kind of concern: “I was a little afraid of sharing information with the world, putting myself out there, and possibly being wrong.”

More than three years later, Darling no longer has any real doubts. He told BusinessWest that, while his role as primary contributor to Bacon Wilson’s estate-planning blog does indeed absorb some of his precious time, the work is generating much needed visibility for himself and the Springfield-based law firm — and some business in the form of a few new clients each month or so.

Meanwhile, the blog — called Estate Planning Bits, is garnering something else: No. 1 status on Google when one searches ‘estate planning blogs.’ Actually, it’s been first or second (flip-flopping with an offering from a California based law firm) over the past several months, said Christine Pilch, the firm’s marketing director, noting quickly that it has been at the top for the past several weeks.

She attributes this ranking to consistently fresh content — there are new postings almost every week — and pieces that inform, educate, and, in some cases, inspire people to take action on issues such as a will, power of attorney, and others. “What’s solidified our standing is that, over the past 26 months, we’ve been posting once a week, and the posts are good — this is relevant, strong content,” …

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by: George O’Brien

September 1, 2008

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