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Drafting the Simple Will

Date: November 10, 2009 12:00AM – 12:00AM

Location: Western New England College School of Law
Conference Room
1215 Wilbraham Rd.
Springfield, MA, 01119-2612


This seminar will provide the essentials for drafting the basic estate plan, including an understanding of reliance on the will to transfer wealth by probate vs. non-probate transfer options. The faculty will explain the process using their own sample forms and will discuss alternatives for setting fees. Topics include:

  • Conducting the initial client interview;
  • Assembling the necessary information;
  • Drafting the simple will, power of attorney, health care proxy;
  • Directing the execution of the estate plan; and
  • Alternative planning options including trusts, POD/TOD, joint and retirement accounts.

Comments: This seminar is intended as continuing legal education for members of the legal profession.