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Paralegal Program: Trust Administration

Date: June 10, 2011



More details to follow


This year’s MassNAELA Paralegal Program will focus on the process of Trust Administration. There will be an overview of the different types of Trusts in the morning. An overview of taxes, accounting and distributions will be presented by Bacon Wilson attorney, Hyman G. Darling after lunch.

The remainder of the day our panel of paralegals, (including Bacon Wilson’s Stacee Crane and Robin Cusson,) will guide us through the process of administering Trusts from beginning to end.

We will start with “Getting the Trust Up and Running”, move on to “Creating Timelines and Conforming to Deadlines”, address real property issues and finish the morning with how to fund trusts with different types of assets.

In the afternoon we will take a look at taxes – Federal and Massachusetts, trust distributions and termination, and carefully make our way through the minefield of accountings. The program is meant to be interactive with attendees creating their own trust administration checklist during the day which we will review and compare to others.


All MassNAELA members and their staff are invited to attend.




Call for additional information: 617-566-5640