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Trust Basics for the General Practitioner

Date: April 13, 2010 4:00PM – 7:00PM


Western New England College


This program will provide a general overview of trust law, suitable for general practitioners interested in adding to the estate planning capability of their practice, as well as any attorney who wishes to develop a greater competence with trust concepts, issues and options, from the simple to the more exotic.

This overview may be of particular interest to practitioners in Family Law, Tax Law, Tort Litigation, Elder Law and others who would benefit from a better understanding of trusts and their applications. Topics include:

  • Basic trust drafting for revocable trusts
  • A basic overview of charitable trust planning and issues
  • A discussion of special needs trusts (as applied to personal injury settlements and Medicaid planning); and
  • An executive overview of the universe of special tax planning trusts (QPRT, IDGT, GRAT, QDOT, ESBT), and where their use is appropriate.

Throughout the program, traps for the unwary practitioner will be discussed, to help the participant spot and avoid ethical and malpractice issues. Sign up today and get the essentials of trusts.


This seminar is intended for members of the legal profession


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To Patricia Olier Plasse, Bar Services Liaison, 617-338-0596