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Lien and Mean – How a Contractor’s Failure to Pay Bills Can Become Your Liability

April 13, 2009


It should come as no surprise that if you hire a contractor to make improvements to your property, and you fail to pay him or her, the contractor has a right of action against you and may seek to place a lien upon your property. What is surprising, however, is that if this contractor fails to pay any of his or her subcontractors, one of them may be able to place a lien upon your property as well. In short, although you have paid your contractor all sums that are due, your property may still be at risk. The contractor’s failure becomes your liability.

As in most states, Massachusetts has a Mechanic’s Lien statute. This statute is codified in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 254. In essence, the Mechanic’s Lien statute allows a contractor to place a lien upon property to secure his or her payment. …

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by: Adam J. Basch, Esq.

April 13, 2009

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