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The Cellular Tightrope – Balancing Employee Privacy and Corporate Confidentiality

May 1, 2007


Most, if not all, of your employees these days have cellular phones, and most employees regard them as one of life’s conveniences and a communication staple. Parents are more comfortable knowing that their kids can reach them in a couple seconds if necessary. Adult children of elderly parents are also assured knowing that they are instantly accessible in the event that something happens. But with this convenient communication technology comes the very real threat of the compromise of corporate security; and you, as an employer, may be about to embark upon a delicate balancing act of respecting your employees’ communication liberties and protecting your sensitive company data.

Technology and the need for instant information is pushing the manufacture of handheld devices such as cell phones, PDAs and other devices to new levels. It is almost impossible to purchase a cell phone without an MP3 device or camera included. Today’s cellular phones have the capability of not only taking pictures, but also recording video. These cameras are often unnoticed, allowing individuals to bring them into various public and private places.

For example, take the execution of Saddam Hussein. Somehow, someway, someone was able to record Saddam Hussein’s execution on a camera phone. Another illustration is a recent recording…

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by: Kevin V. Maltby, Esquire

April 2, 2007

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