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Housing encompasses everything from landlord/tenant issues to foreclosure. Whether you live in a rental unit that is unsafe, have tenants that haven’t paid rent in a while, or the bank is threatening to foreclose on your property, you need an attorney to help navigate you through this stressful period of time.

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As every residential landlord knows, obtaining a judgment for eviction can be difficult and expensive. Under the old bankruptcy law, tenants could file and cause a lengthy delay of a hard-fought eviction.

Now, under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, (BAPCPA,) if a residential landlord has a judgment for possession by the time the tenant files for bankruptcy, the stay does not prevent the landlord from continuing to evict the tenant 30 days after the petition was filed. With few exceptions, in a majority of cases, it is likely that a debtor’s financial distress will prevent any cure, thus permitting the landlord to move forward with eviction in a relatively short period of time. Bacon Wilson can help facilitate the process for you.