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Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you’re looking for a way to come to an agreement without going to court in an expensive and public litigation battle, there are various processes and techniques for disagreeing parties to settle their differences. No single method is preferred, so if you’d like to learn about your options, please contact one of our attorneys to the left. We can help.


Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution and a legal technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts resulting in either a binding or non-binding decision of the arbiter.

Our arbitrators can help you by conducting hearings and making determinations as an impartial referee by providing an authoritative judgment.


The goal of collaborative law is to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties without the underlying threat of contested litigation. This method of alternative dispute resolution is becoming especially popular in family law, where parties agree that they want to do what’s in the best interests of their children. Additional family issues that may be resolved through the collaborative process, including disputes between parents and the preparation of pre and post-marital contracts.

Although less popular, disputes in other areas of the law may also be resolved through the collaborative process.


If your goal is to come to the resolution of an issue while maintaining control, rather than accepting something imposed by a third party, then mediation might be perfect for you. The process of mediation consists of certified mediators who assist disputing parties to reach an agreement. Various parties may participate in the mediation process, including states, organizations, communities, individuals, or other representatives with a vested interest in the outcome in a variety of disputes, such as commercial, legal, diplomatic, workplace, community, and divorce or other family matters.

Our certified mediators are also practicing attorneys who possess the experience and expertise necessary to effectively mediate matters for parties to a dispute.